Sunday, October 11, 2009

ALT Lesson Plans with Eigo Note. Lesson 3- When is your birthday?

OK here are my lesson plans for lesson 3 of 6th grade Eigo Note "When is your birthday?". The target language is "when is your birthday?" and "My birthday is...August 16th" so they will also need to learn months and ordinal numbers (1st to 31st)

Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 3- (6.6) Months/When is your birthday part 1

Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 3- (6.7)- When is your birthday part 2

Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 3- (6.8)- When is your birthday part 3

Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 3- (6.9)- When is your birthday part 4

ESL Months flashcards that I made. Sorry for some reason August didn't come out that well. The one side of the flashcard i is something Japanese and the other is something English (i.e Halloween for October, Summer Solstice for June, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night in November)

Horoscope game worksheets for part 3 of the lesson- will upload as soon as I can convert to PDF

Skyscraper picture for ordinal numbers game - blow this up to poster size, see lesson plan.

I'm afraid I didn't use much of Eigo Note for this section. I thought the activity on page 16 of Eigo Note (matching the picture to the month) was pretty pointless as they're effectively just matching image to a number.

I downloaded a version of Queen's we will rock you song and used this for the chant whilst showing the flashcards. So I would start with Jan-April then the chorus would kick in " we will, we will rock you.." which all the pupils would sing. They seemed to enjoy it and it certainly beats the chant in Eigo Note!

The superhero skyscraper game worked really well and was great practice for learning ordinal numbers. We did one lesson to practice 1st to 15th and the next lesson we learnt 16th-31st.

They really struggled with pronouncing "th" (i.e 15th, 16th, 17th...) so slow it down and have them all just try sticking their tongue between their teeth and then try prouncing it.

Enjoy and post any questions to the comments section.

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