Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Times in Osaka: Temozan & the Touchy-Feely Pet Garden

Touchy-Feely Pet Gardern!

Just had a fantastic time in Osaka wioth Raquel. I must admit this trip wan't particularly cultural but sometimes you just have an urge to visit an Irish pub, order a BLT from an English menu, dance to some cheesy Eurotrash and shop. So guess what we did at the weekend? I would like to mention though that we did try to do some culture and went to the Kabuki theatre (traditional Japanese theatre) but nothing was on! (and this is the 3rd biggest city in Japan?!)

Anyway, we spent Saturday shopping for Christmas gifts (yep I'm starting early as I now have a crap salary) at Tempozan Harbour Village, a waterfront shopping area with a huge ferris wheel, an aquarium, an IMAX theatre and boat cruise operators.

In the middle of our shop we stumbled upon this indoor farm inside the shopping centre, well to be exact they hilariously called it "The Touchy-Feely Pet Gardern" (I so love Japanglish) It was the cleanest "pet garden" I've ever seen though still had that farmyard poo smell. I felt at home!
The funniest thing was watching the farm attendant (a glammed up Japanese girl who really didn't look like she enjoyed getting her hands dirty) clean up some fresh droppings from the hayless sheep pen and then finishing it up with one of those dettol wipes, hehehe. I had to laugh, it just couldn't be more different than home, see video below!

After trying out some Osaka's special "takoyaki" octopus balls in the shopping centre we headed back to our hotel in town to get ready for our night painting the tiles red.

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