Saturday, October 10, 2009

ALT Lesson Plans with Eigo Note. Lesson 5- Turn right

Hi folks
OK here are my lesson plans for Lesson 5 of Eigo Note which covers giving directions and learning places vocab (i.e bookstore, department store, barber shop etc).

Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 5- (6.14) Turn right part 1 Orks and Hobbits "Where are you going?"
Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 5- (6.15) Turn right part 2 Mr Bump Game
Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 5- (6.16) Turn right part 3 Local town guide game
Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 5- (6.17) Turn right part 4 Star Wars game with some changes

Not sure how useful it is to be teaching 12 yr old Japanese pupils how to direct in English when the majority have never left the country BUT I guess you just never know!

Some of the Eigo Note translations are a bit iffy. Police box isn't really the correct translation of "koban", at least we wouldn't use it in the UK, USA or Australia. We also wouldn't use "barber shop" but I used it anyway for the sake of the listening exercises. Flower shop? We would say florist but again I used the former for the sake of listening exercises.

The chant is pretty dismal. I used it once or twice and the pupils weren't exactly singing from the rooftops. The target English for this section is pretty small when considering you have 4 lessons to cover it. It was however a lot of fun! The Mr Bump game and the Star Wars game were a great success, the pupils forgot they were even using English and I swear were screaming out "Turn left, go straight etc" I used photos from the lesson for my English board (I cut speech bubbles saying "Turn right" on the photos) to let the other pupils know what we get up to.

Also, if you can, try and get hold of a map of the local area where you teach. Enlarge it to A1 size and put onto the blackboard. Then have different groups of pupils direct you (just use a little picture of a car stuck to a magnet) to either their homes or their favourite places in their town. This makes it really personal and the pupils can relate to it, very important when teaching 6th grade elementary pupils! I did this with one class and just used Eigo Note for another class but I've posted both ideas in the lesson plan. Let me know how it goes!

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