Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ALT Lesson Plans with Eigo Note, 5th grade. Lesson 1 Hello.Bounjour

OK it has been a while since I taught this first section (Lesson 1) of Eigo Note. This section covers greetings in different languages (not just English) The pupils did enjoy learning how different cultures greet each other and couldn't believe that it's totally normal in France to kiss each other on the cheek when you greet.
I remember using the first lesson to do my self-introduction. See that lesson plan here.

I'm afraid I've lost the last lesson plan for this section. I'm sure I was probably covering page 4 & 5 of Eigo Note and more of greetings. Anyway here are my lesson plans for Lesson 1 that I do have!

Grade 5 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 1- (5.2) Alphabet practice (in prep for lesson 5.3)
Grade 5 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 1- (5.3) Hello/Bonjour, Greetings (making bookmarks)

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