Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ALT Lesson Plans: Lesson 1, 6th grade (elementary) Self Introduction

OK here is my first lesson which I'm actually still now using for my 1st-4th graders with a little adapatation (I'm not making the younger ones say "Nice to meet you, nice to meet you too" since it's a bit difficult for them) The shaking hands game works well.

View ALT lesson plan 1, 6th grade here

In terms of the self introduction flashcards I used England/Japan comparisons. (images found on google images)
  • Japan flag/British flag
  • Japanese chopsticks in a bowl/Knife and fork on a plate
  • Japanese green tea/British cup of tea with a biscuit being dunked
  • Japanese breakfast/English breakfast
  • Japanese sumo wrestler (funny picture of a Japanese sumo table which made them all laugh)/David Beckam football
  • Japanese imperial royal family/Queen Elizabeth
  • 1000 yen Japanese note/£10 English pound note (which they were fascinated by)

Good luck! Let me know how it goes if you try it out.

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