Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nyumba Bar's 4th Anniversary: Hip little bar, Kanazawa

Last night I ended up meeting Dustin, Ayako and friends at their local hangout, Nyumba for an "all you can drink for 200 yen" night. Poor sods, they don't know I'm British.. Tucked away on a small street behind the Rifare building, Nyumba is a great little spot and a place you wouldn't stumble upon easily (which makes it all the more exciting to find!)

The interior decor is uber cool and brings instant relief to those struggling with the towering, souless buildings surrounding the area. I honestly didn't think there were any hip bars in the area. What makes it even more unique is the resident dog, its the size of my fist, the smallest dog I've ever seen thats for sure. Maybe a chihuahua?

Back to the bar. I've just to savour the delights of their food menu, only bar snacks, but from what I've seen it looks fantastic (if you can get your head around the katakana menu, no pictures sorry folks) The fried lotus chips are great as well as the beers naturally...

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