Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japanese random acts of kindness

Sometimes it's so nice when someone unexpectedly does something for you that's kind isn't it?

Well in Japan it really is becoming a common occurrence for me. Since I arrived I have experiences so many wonderful acts of kindness from the Japanese. They really do go out of their way to help you out. There will be moments when you're really struggling to adapt to the Japanese culture and a random act of kindness can suddenly make me feel instantly positive and upbeat again. I must remember to pay them all back!

There's my coordinator (Kyomu) at school who buys me little gifts from her excursions and sneaks choccies into my hand when no-one is looking.
Then there's the old little bus driver in Oyabe who takes me (I'm usually the only passenger) up to the education centre every Monday and asks me the same question every Monday "How do you find Japanese food?". Knowing I usually miss my 4.03pm train he always puts his foot on the peddle, skipping red lights and screeching round corners to make sure I can catch it.
There's also Etsuko, who works for Interac, has also gone out of her way to take me pick me up from home, take me to the doctors and wait with me when I was ill. Oh and the porter at the Cerulean Tower hotel who walked up 3 blocks to help me and mum find a restaurant we wanted to go to.

It was one lady recently though who really brought a smile to my (sometimes) grumpy post school face and compelled me to write.

Her name is Fumiko (文子) and she is a lady I met at my gym when I was trying to master the art of pool jogging the other night. She had struck up conversation with me (using her impeccable English amazingly self-taught) and gave me a few tips on how to actually pool jog. (yep there's a technique) Anyway I had been telling her how hard it was to find traditional Japanese gifts to give as Christmas presents and that all the gifts in Japan are covered in English (since it's cooler to use English than Kanji)

Anyway on my next visit to the gym a few days later I was just checking out of reception and to my surprise the receptionist handed over a cotton bag tied with red ribbon telling me it was a "presento" from "Fumi-San". I opened it at home and inside were these beautiful kimono silks and a letter from Fumi, see below.

Such a nice kind gesture isn't it? Unfortunately I left my textiles skills back in the GCSE classroom but I might see what I can do with them when I go home, any suggestions please write below!

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