Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Hello lovely people, well its countdown to Christmas time. I'm pleasantly surprised that the Japanese, despite not being Christian, have adopted so many Christmas customs. It's made these last few weeks really feel Christmasy as well as the plummeting temperatures and hail that nearly knocked me out on my bike last night helped ; )

Every shop is belting out Christmas tunes, selling santa hats/costumes and the streets are all lit up with Christmas lights. They haven't quite caught onto the mince pies and mulled wine thing though.

This is me and my 1st graders today after a fun filled Christmas lesson, singing We Wish you a Merry Christmas (a simplified version) and playing Secret Santa which they squealed with excitement about.

Anyway, I'm off home very very soon so just wanted to wish everyone a very very Happy Christmas and New Year. I'm like an excitable child especially since this year we're having a big family get together.

Love to you all xx

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