Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures in Noto Penninsula: Wakura Onsen

View at Tadaya Spa, Wakura Onsen

An easy drive up to Wakura. Still raining so we decided to go to the Ryokan (Japanese style hotel) that we booked for one night, called Tadaya Ryokan. To anyone tempted by the beautiful web pictures of this place, take note! This isn’t really a luxurious place. Maybe I’ve been too spoilt elsewhere but for the money we paid for the one night, ¥38,100 (249 quid) for 2 people including breakfast and din and I was expecting a higher standard. OK SORRY moan over!!

Boiling meat in a nabe type pot

Tadaya’s saving grace is their food. Beautifully presented and they bring each of the 7 courses to your tatami mat room. Our waitress was so lovely (in fact all of the staff were friendly) and gave us a running commentary of each dish in Japglish (half English, half Japanese) I even understood some of what she was saying. Progress!

Seirin-ji temple, Wakura Onsen

We went for a walk into Wakura Onsen town. I had already read some comments about the town and yes it isn’t exactly picturesque, big concrete high rise hotels are the biz here. We did however find a beautiful temple Seirin-ji almost hidden amongst a bamboo grove forest. A climb up it’s 100 plus steps takes you to a beautiful viewpoint. It was definitely the nicest place in Wakura onsen town!

After dinner we went to the onsen (hot spring) which was only part of the ryokan that I think was new. It was quiet, clean and pretty big. We sat in the outside rock pool overlooking the ocean. It even stopped raining for a few hours.

Me in the nud in the onsen (hot spring) overlooking the sea at Wakura Onsen

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