Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miracle masseurs in Kanazawa

The miracle masseur team at Temomin

If you're working as an ALT you'll probabaly be familiar with having to lug a sackful of books to and from school everyday resulting in permanent aching shoulders. Well this is me.... As well as my school books I also carry around a proper old school Japanese dictionary, my Minna no Nihongo textbook, homework, notebooks..the list goes on.

Well I found a fantastic massage parlour (they coin it "relaxtion space") the other day called Temomin. In fact I lie, I've been passing it for months at Kanazawa station but like other Japanese haven't mustered up the energy to dive in and give it a go. Well the other day I decided to give it a go, and I'd highly recommend it!

It's a crossed between sports massage and shiatsu. No fancy oils, no embarassing undressing and no worrying that your cellulite is being studied in microscopic detail. No, these guys (yes mostly men) work their magic with your clothes on (now that's a first..) I would recommend wearing leggings or loose trackky bums.

So far I've had the 20 min seated neck & shoulders and the 40 minute lower back, legs and feet and both were absolutely amazing. The bonus is that they offer different timed sessions starting from 10 mins up to 115 mins, so perfect if you have some spare time waiting for your train.

Temomin in Kanazawa prices as follows:

Time temomin (neck, shoulders, arms back)- 10 min, ¥1050, 20 min ¥2100, 30 min ¥3150

Body temomin (40 min particular areas)- 35 min ¥4200, 55 min ¥6300, 75 min ¥8400 and 115 min ¥12,600

Foot temomin (lower back, legs, feet, sole)- 40 min ¥4200

To find Temomin just follow the signs to the post office in Kanazawa station, you will see Temomin on your right hand side opposite the German bakery.

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