Friday, August 28, 2009

Hitting Uchinada Beach, nr Kanazawa

Mum and I decided to take a break from the sweaty touring and spend a day at Uchinada beach, an easy 15/20 min direct train ride from Kanazawa station. Think Laguna Beach hits the Sea of Japan coast but maybe not quite as pretty. For what it lacks in prettiness it makes up for in atmosphere thats for sure.

Japanese girls in itsy bitsy frilly bikinis with zero cellulite and no bums flirting with the boys sporting the groomed J-pop looking hairdos (big bufonts) hanging at the skate park (on the beach) or, if supercool, hanging off their jet skis.

There's a few bars/snack huts at Uchinada and when I say hut I do literally mean large wooden huts with corregated roofs, not great to look at but totally functional! During the summer, Kanazawa Apres shuts its city dwelling and opens a cool bar and restaurant. There's another one called Peace Bar and another whose name I forgot.

Terrible pic of me sat outside Apres on Uchinada beach, smoothie in hand

They all pump out R&B and pop tunes all day, one even with a hook up to the speakers attached to the lifeguard tower on the beach so leave the ipod at home! Mum adjusted surprisingly well...think she just wanted to lie down and do nothing.

Uchinada beach has some awesome hammocks and wide sunloungers (good for wide people like me!) which I think belong to Apres but since the bars are all lined up together I'm not 100%.

Anyway we spent the day lazying about on our loungers sweating it out, drinking the odd cocktail or two from Apres and sampling the very warm sea (although the Japanese girls were screaming "it's cold") Come to England my lovelies then I'll give you cold!

Dusk on Uchinada beach

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  1. Hi from Sweden! I and my girlfriend visited the same beach on the 31st of March 2015. There was no action at all, just we and the water and a japaneese couple who was more interested about my shortwave radio receiver with radio from North Korea in the loadspeaker...!