Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tokyo: Meeting ma larkin & the best collagen (and only?) restaurant in Tokyo!

Shinkansen (high speed bullet train), Japan

Boarded the shinkansen (high speed train) at 7am and got to Narita airport by 10am. Felt oh so sick on the train. Think it was a combination of hangover, no sleep for 3 days and the sheer g-force force of the shinkansen. (There’s a reason they call it the bullet train, speeds can reach

By the time I met mumma I felt soo much better, thank god! Was so great to see her. Took the airport limousine bus to our hotel, the Ceruluean Hotel in Shibuya. The bus was so easy, costs \3000 (about £20) for a single trip and is by far the best, hassle free way to get from Narita into central Tokyo.

Outside of the beautiful Ceruluean Hotel, Shibuya

Having had a wander around Shibuya we headed back and decided to go to a restaurant called One Garden that specialises in collagen infused food, yes the collagen that people inject into their lips to make them look fuller! Brilliant. Maybe I should bring it to Bristol…it’d take off (but no doubt be full of women)
Part of our dinner course, note the "Collagen tofu"- fuller lips here I come!

My collagen tofu- it's amazing how the Japanese make a piece of tofu look appetising

Now this is a typical “it could only happen in Japan” story. We asked the concierge if he know where the restaurant was. He wasn’t exactly sure but knew it was nearby so just asked us to follow him. Not only did he leave the hotel but he led us up a few streets around the back of the hotel, asked a few people and found it for us. Now that’s what I call service!

One Garden was just what we jet lagged/partied out people needed. It had an English menu, bonus! I've become so accustomed to not knowing what I’m ordering in Kanazawa. We ordered the set menu (¥6000, about £40pp) and it was absolutely amazing. The waiters were so friendly, giving us the lowdown (in English, hurrah) of what each dish was. I was astounded that mum managed to use chopsticks. I guess if you’re that hungry.....

One Garden resturant map is at http://r.gnavi.co.jp/fl/en/p669300/coupon.htm

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