Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fuji Rock Festival: Looking after Sarah & Miniscule of Sound

Looked after Sarah today. She drank far too much whiskey last night and fell into mud. Her face was covered and her one ear was filled it. Nice one!
Afternoon walked to the Field of Heaven to see the Easy Star All Stars. The walk to the stage was fab, reminded me of Glastonbury a bit.

The Kanazawa gang: Paul, me, Sarah and Mike

Little lanterns hidden in the trees making crazy patterns everywhere and then this long board walk through the forest on the way. Think we annoyed a few Japanese with our very loud vocal rendition of the Drifters "under the boardwalk..." Oh and the Easy Star All Stars put on a cracking performance, I'm their new biggest fan!

PM. The Miniscule of Sound has coined itself the smallest club in the . I had gone last night with Gav and didn't even look at the sign saying "smallest club in the world". The bouncers (a toothless policeman and a nurse with some disturbing medical instrument) were telling us that it was pretty busy that night and there were a few floors so be careful you can get lost. We waited with anticipation.

Got in eventually and it’s the size of an average household’s downstairs toilet, you could probably squeeze 8 ravers in there at a push. Hilarious!! Couldn’t believe it. The atmosphere was wicked though and everyone was jumping about going crazy. Not for the claustrophobic! You can only stay in there a few mins anyway, the smoke machine starts choking you after a while.

WICKED though!

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