Monday, July 27, 2009

Fuji Rock Festival: The finale & advice to anyone going

Highlight of Sunday was Basement Jaxx although I was totally flagging. Had a few beers which picked me up. A real performance, tons of different acts on stage, women on stilts, some cheeky butt shaking, outrageous outfits and of course fab songs to dance our fuji rockin socks to!

Round up of the festival: Good fun but if you’re expecting Glastonbury type craziness don’t and when I say "craziness" I'm talking about seeing 55 yr old corporate directors dancing about in bumblebee costumes off their rockers! Japanese festival goers are a sensible lot, a fairly ( dare I say) subdued crowd and they slept EVERYWHERE, but then this is Japan and sleeping is their no 1 favourite pastime.

The craziest thing I saw was an ozzie guy sliding across the mud in front of a crowd of stunned Japanese.

Note to anyone attending Fuji Rocks festival:
  • Take waterproofs even if it’s a throw away anorak and take a jumper unless you’re planning to rave all night.

  • Get there early, the Thursday if possible. Friday is crazy busy especially if you’re getting the train

  • Use the onsen in Naeba town as opposed to on site. We had it to ourselves. See other post. There’s hardly any mobile phone signal (I use Softbank) so decide on good meeting places from the start.

  • No cash machines on the festival site but there are in town (15 min walk)
  • Must experience: Miniscule of Sound!

  • Alcohol sold everywhere but you can take plastics in so can take your own spirits.

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