Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bianco: Gyōza (Chinese Dumplings) Restaurant in Kanazawa

Last night I met Kari for a good old Friday night "bitch and moan about work" catch up. We plumped for a cute looking gyōza restaurant behind Kohrinbo 109, exact location is here.

The restaurant is more like a cafe; bar stools for diners on their own and an informal seating area, only two tables as far as I can remember. The restaurant was run by a mother and daughter team who were both absolutely lovely. Faced with yet another daunting no picture, all Hiragana/Kanji menu the daughter came over and kindly translated the entire menu (and specials board) for us. The main menu gyoza, Chinese dumplings which you could have either fried or steamed with a choice of fillings including cheese, spinach, veggies and meat. A small plate of about 6 dumplings was around Y400. A slightly schizophrenic menu, other dishes including potato gratin, Chawanmushi (a steamed egg custard), stir fried veggies and an array of salads.

We opted for fried cheese dumplings, steamed meat dumplings, a garlic stir fry broccoli and chawanmushi (which despite looking pretty grim actually tasted great).
Everything was cooked by the mum behind the bar so all freshly cooked and delicious.

Guzzling some fantastic Italian red wine (ok yes I know I should be on the sake!) we lost track of time and didn't realise that the poor owners were itching to lock up (10:30 is closing time and it was past then) Of course in true politeness customary in Japan they didn't tell us but had just been waiting for us to finish our yapping.

Despite the no picture menu, I'd definitely recommend Bianco for the extremely welcoming and helpful (oh and patient!) mother/daughter team.

Bianco, Kanazawa exact location:

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