Saturday, April 25, 2009

My commute to work, Kanazawa to Oyabe

So the commute is already killing me! I don't know how anyone gets up that early. My alarm goes off at 6am but before that my own "crow" alarm goes off at 5am right outside my apartment. yes big black nastly looking crows like to sit on the electric pylon outside my door and carry otu their morning calls. Oh and then the bloody train to Nomachi comes past around 5.45 so by the time my alarm goes off Im fully awake & pissed off!

I then walk to NishiKanazawa station, about a 10 min walk away listening to my BBC Japanese beginners course on the iPOD (I've now been through it 3 times and STILL can't direct a cab driver left or right) My 7.10 train arrives BANG ON time, oh did I mention you can actually rely on trains here! I get on, its packed full of school kids who all want to practice their English with me, JOY! and when I say packed I mean my face is pressed against the automatic door, think London tube rush hour with sweaty, smelly junior high school kids.

Everyone gets off at Kanazawa thank god & I get a seat and try to learn Japanese although at that time in the morning concentration isn't at its best. So one thing you will notice on Japanese trains in the morning is that EVERYONE sleeps.

I have no idea how they know when they're at their stop, they just seem to know...! they seem to have mastered the art of power napping thats for sure and I've now started to join them.

I then get off at Oyabe City (it's not a city as we would call a city at home- I'll get to that in another blog post) Anyway, I get off the train and walk to the bike shed. There are so many people who leave Oyabe that the bike "shed" holds about 500 bloody bikes!

I then get on the bike, which has NO gears for my 10 min ride to Isurugi or 15 min ride to Toubu Elementary. Even though there aren't really hills the no gears thing is a killer and I turn up to work red faced, sweaty, with my trousers tucked into my socks not really looking the smart, suited and heeled ALT that Interac had outlined in their training!

My commute!

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