Saturday, April 25, 2009

Isurgui Elementary 1st Year Initation Ceremony

Yesterday I was called from the staff room to attend a welcome ceremony for the new first years (yes the really really cute 6 yr olds who have just joined) Basically this means the 2nd to 6th graders perform for the newcomers and welcome them to their new school, a really sweet idea since Isurugi is soooo massive even I'm scared of getting lost down a corridor.

The performance started with the 6th graders coming in hand in hand with the little 1st years. I can't upload the bloody video as it's too big. Damn! I've posted the little mites bowing instead and saying thank you.
I got quite emotional as I thought about Tegan on her first day. (I'm sure nothing like this)
The show kicked off with a song on recorders performed by the 3rd graders, a dance by the whole school, a quiz from the 4th graders and another performance I can't actually remember but it was all really WOW especially at there's about 500 kids at Isurugi and orchestrating something on this level must have taken such a huge amount of work.

One thing that I still can't get used to is the noise! Kids screaming, shouting, running everywhere. I'm used to my laptop and 4 walls! See kids in corridor below

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