Friday, February 19, 2010

Sapporo Snow Festival: Best snow sculptures

Some of the giant snow sculptures truly defied belief; towering more than 10 metres in height and made entirely of packed snow. The larger statues apparently take about 2000 cubic metres of snow.

There was a true to size replica of the Baekje Royal Palace in Korea (both pictures above above) , a mini Tokyo disney resort scene with a stage in front for performances, a German church and a castle! Yep all made out of snow.

One of our favourites was an animal scene apparently representing the two notable zoos of Hokkaido. There were twin polar bears playing with their mother, an incredibly detailed snow leopard as well as penguins, orangutans and an Eagle.

This photo isn't mine. My camera and I had a big row so couldn't get one of the entire animal scene

So how the heck do they make these enormous snow sculptures? Well, apparently they start with putting up a huge wooden frame which they then pack down with snow. once the packed snow is hardened the frame panels are removed and they start carving. Most of the carving happens at night due to warmer daytime temperatures making the sculptures fragile.

Japanese girly pop band dancing in shorts in front of ice sculpture!

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