Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sapporo: Hitting the bars and clubs, night 2

Ready? 3,2,1 drink!

Tonight we decide on a different strategy considering we got so lost and had no idea where to go last night. Before hitting the wonderful steakhouse we did our homework courtsey of Maylee's iPhone and headed to the Electric Sheep Bar (although we'd been trying to find the Electric Ship Bar for ages until realising it was a typo!)

Ahhh bliss, this place was a LOT more civilised cocktail bar/eatery full of the trendy local crowd (not Russians off a navy ship) plus it was on the 9th floor so good views over the Sapporo streets which meant we could smugly watch the poor buggers walking through the blizzards.

They also had a "nomihodai" offer on which roughly translates as "drink as much as you can". Think one of those all you can eat buffet but for drink, the only difference being that with the nomihodai there's a time limit, 90 minutes to be precise. So we set Maylees countdown timer on her iPhone and got stuck in. The poor bar guy, we were definately out to get our 90 minutes worth. No sooner has he bought us 2 drinks we were ready for the next round to the point that we even tried to order multiple drinks at a time (to save his feet right?) but he politely told us this wasn't allowed.

Ah so that's why its called "electric"- the drinks are lit up in funky electric colours. Not sure where the sheep bit comes from.

Don't worry we were in too bad a state when we left, they simply must have watered the drinks down. Great bar though for atmosphere and views, we had gone up in the world compared to the previous night thats for sure ; )

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