Monday, February 1, 2010

Eighties Haiti party at Apres, Kanazawa

Saturday night I went to a Haiti Earthquake fundraiser party organised by the Ishikawa Jets, a great idea for raising much needed funds for Haiti.
The party was being held at the NEW Apres club in Kanazawa 2 floors below the Apres bar which has been opened a few months now. We were well excited. I can categorically tell you that there is NO cheesy clubs in Kanazawa to dance to some Justin or shake ya booty to Beyonce....There's 8 Hall and Manier if you like hard dance music but for a rapidly aging 31 yr old it's not sooo appealing anymore.

You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record....lalala

Wow gaijins altogether in Kanazawa!

Anyway that's all set to change with the opening of the Apres club and boy did we shake our booties! The place was absolutely heaving and I've never seen so many foreigners in one place since I moved to Kanazawa.

OK it was a JET organised night so I guess usually its not so packed. DJ's including Dipika, Gav from Fuji Rocks' mate and a few other gaijins cranked out some fantastic 80's cheese, there's just nothing like a bit of Belinda Carlisle to get everyone going, hahaha.

I had originally gone all out with my 80's outfit managing somehow to look like a care bear (a really scary wrinkly one, see piccie at top) but when I turned up at Karis for pre-club drinks the girls had dressed up so sophisticated that I felt compelled to change my outfit. Maybe my dressing up days are over?!

Anyway, we danced our socks off until 4am at which point I realised the dance floor had been deserted and we were the only ones on it. Hmmm....time to eat ramen! See my other post...

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