Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pilsen: Lashings of German beer but not a lederhosen in sight

When the rest of the Japanese nation are probably hibernating under their Kotatsus, Kari I hit a little German restaurant in Kanazawa called Pilsen. We tried to get into before Christmas but it was packed. Always a good sign...

Kanazawa, despite being really out in sticks (not on the Shinkansen line), has such a great choice of International restaurants. It's great too if you can't bear to look at one more piece of sushi or bowl of noodles (believe me it does happen and I'm a sushi fanatic...)

This little German joint looks a bit like a beer hall (just minus red faced, pot bellied beer swilling guys) downstairs where you can eat at the bar. Upstairs is a restaurant. I can hand on heart say its probably the only place in Kanazawa where you can buy a huge pitcher of beer and sink your teeth into a proper sausage!

Pilsen has a huge choice of yummy sausages including white sausage, garlic and pepper sausage, peppery hot sausage, hard sausage. If you're really feeling piggy (excuse the pun) you can opt for the 5 kinds of sausage platter. For the non-sausage fans they also serve chicken, pork and beef stews as well as pizzas and taste-tastic salads.

Kari and I ordered the garlic sausage, a pizza and a salad (the salads are surprisingly big for Japanese standards) Two sausages arrived on a plate with a dollop of sauerkraut and a pot of mustard, small but neatly presented as I'm beginning to become accustomed to in Japan (sorry forgot to take pics). They were delicious though and despite the pizza being the size of my palm it was also really good. As my nan would say "an elegancy of efficiency"

English menus available at this restaurant (cue hooray!)

Food ranges from ¥600 to ¥1680 for the 5 sausage platter.

Map below, enjoy!

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