Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ALT Lesson Plans with Eigo Note. Grade 5. Lesson 2- How are you?

Eigo Note suggest 4 lessons to teach the question "How are you?" and only 4 feelings (I'm happy, I'm sleepy, I'm fine and I'm hungry) which would actually drive me insane teaching nevermind learning!

I have to say that some of the Genki English "how are you" games really saved me for this topic. I also ended up adding "I'm cold, sad, great, good, ok, hot, angry and wet" to save the pupils from sheer boredom of learning and the fact that some of the games require a bit more vocab. Gestures are an obvious activity for teaching feelings so I had a laugh watching the pupils come up with their very creative gestures. Warning though. I'm angry was the most popular and in fact I still have pupils stop me in the corridor saying "I'm angry" with full facial expressions and a fist in the air. I'd suggest skipping that one.

Here are my lesson plans:

Grade 5 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 2- (5.4) How are you part 1

Grade 5 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 7- (5.5) How are you part 2

Grade 5 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 7- (5.6) How are you part 3 *

Grade 5 Lesson Eigo Note Lesson 4- (5.7) How are you part 4

* Worksheet for the how are you drawing game

The opposites game in part X was fun. Basically if someone had the hungry card they had to walk around and find their opposite solution card, a hot dog. When they find each other they were to come to me and repeat the question and answer. The only issue is that I did have two pupils with these cards and the boy asks the girl "How are you?". She responds "I'm hungry" and he says back "I'm a hot dog". bless! I tried to explain that he wasn't a hot dog and that he needed to say "Here's a hot dog". It's so terrible of me having a giggle at the expense of the poor kids but sometimes it just can't be helped...

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