Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Theatre: Hidden gem of a restaurant in Kanazawa

Me and Kari doing our best trying to look sophisticated....

Met the girls tonight for a girly dinner and catch up. Standing about trying to decide where to go, Ayako told us about this restaurant that her and her hubby Dustin went to a few weeks ago.

We trekked off to the restaurant, called "The Theatre". Never has the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" been more pertinent to describe this place!

There's a scrappy looking sign outside the building with an arrow pointing up, ahh its on the 4th floor. There's no lift so you have to trek up 4 floors of a really manky outdoor stairwell.

BUT people I promise, you will be rewarded for the restaurant is such a hidden gem and a wonderful surprise when you get inside. To be honest half way up the stairs myself and Kari were ready to turn back but it was only for Ayako's insistence...

Inside the restaurant has a french shabby boutique cafe feel (rare in Kanazawa I've realised) Wooden floorboards, soft lighting, little Parisian style patio chairs, plants and a very chilled out ambiance.

The owner was the only one there. He was not only serving drinks but prepping the food, cooking it and serving it. God I love a guy who can multi-task...

The menu (in Japanese I'm afraid peeps) advertised homemade pizzas, pastas, rice dishes, salads and a selection of yummy appetizers. We had the homemade "clog your arteries with every mouthful" 4 cheeses pizza which I can highly recommend as well as a few random appetizers.

3 bottles of Chilean's finest red wine later, we stumbled down the 6 flights of stairs narrowly avoiding injury. By the time we left the place had filled up with locals just having drinks so I guess it's a bar to hang out in too. I felt like a right "insider", this isn't a place you'd stumble across thats for sure but well worth the leap of faith and manky stairwell.

The Theatre is in the above building on a little street just behind Kanazawa City Hall. To being extra helpful I've even put it on a google map. Have fun there!

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