Sunday, October 4, 2009

RoundOne; fun on a rainy day in Nishi Kanazawa

Erica boxing at RoundOne

Went to RoundOne today with a bunch of JETs I met in Noto to celebrate one of their birthdays.

RoundOne is an all singing all dancing 6 floor indoor entertainment centre that has 2 games arcades, ten pin bowling, ping pong, an 80's roller skating disco hall, pool tables, football nets and on the top floor an open air basketball court (well half of one), crazy golf (not that crazy though), baseball pitching nets, archery and a mini football pitch.

You pay ¥1800 about 12 quid which gives you 3 hours to run about like a headless chicken playing on anything you can see (you can only go on the mini ten pin bowling, shame), a membership card and a free ketai kitty chain. (little objects they like to hang off mobile phones in Japan)

The Japanese never cease to shock me though and on one of the floors is an indoor fishing lake (well more like pond..) Still I couldn't believe it. You can catch real fish (carp) with your RoundOne rod with the noise and neon lights of the games arcade next door. Who said fishing was only meant for rivers & oceans ey?

I just couldn't resist taking a video, see below:

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