Friday, October 9, 2009

Nabe resturant in Kanazawa, perfect for cold wintery nights!

Nabe restaurant, the entrance, haven't a clue what its called!

I love Nabe!...

or to be technically correct I should say "I love Nabe dishes (or nabemono)" for the word "nabe" (鍋), actually means the type of clay pot they use to make lovely warm stews, perfect for autumn and winter time. I guess nabe dishes are the equivalent to a Lancashire hot pot, only probably healthier.

The thing I love about having nabemono (I'll call it nabe for short now..) is that you put the pot in the middle of the table on a little stove, cook it and then share (a bit like a fondue but DEFINATELY healthier!) So having dinner becomes a bit of a shared experience.

I found this great place in Kanazawa that serves up nabes big enough to feed a British army. First the waitress will come and switch on your nabe cooker (which in fact is a gas camping stove, I had one for camping trips back home), you then wait until the broth at the bottom is boiling away and then throw in the plate of ingredients that she leaves for you. Wait about 20 mins, stirring frequently and then eat. Amazing and because it's low calorie (guessing here) you can eat twice as much!

Mum salivating whilst watching our nabe cook

There are so many different types of nabe, a full list is on that trusty little thing called wikipedia here.

Anyway, this fab restaurant which also serves yakitori (BBQ meat skewers) is directly opposite Omi Cho market in Kanazawa, next to Lawsons convenience store. The menu is in Japanese but just say "nabe" and they'll understand. I think.

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