Friday, October 16, 2009

Ice dogs: my favourite Japanese ice-cream

My Japanese ice dog

This is simply brilliant and the reason why I love Japan. It's so random.

When we were in America town in Osaka nursing our wretched hangovers we stumbled across this ice cream shop. Nothing new there but they were selling these novelty “ice dogs”. Basically a warmed up hot dog bun (sweetened bun) that they cut open and fill with Mr Whippy (or softo) ice cream. Who would have thought that one up other the Japanese!

Me in front of the paper clippings holding my ice dog

In this case a crazy old Japanese lady who must have been subject to a media frenzy at some point as there were old newspaper cuttings covering the ice dog phenomena all over the shop walls.

You’d think that the ice cream in the middle would melt straight away with the bun being hot but it doesn’t (well ok it does a little) but it is SOOOO gorgeous I’d go back to Osaka now to get another one, in fact Im salivating right now.

I'm seriously considering an ice dog business when I get home for those scorching English summer days..

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