Monday, August 10, 2009

Adventures in the Noto Penninsula: Wajima market & the best coffee in Noto

Huge spider crabs for sale at Wajima morning market

Another Wajima fish stall

When we arrived it was raining again so with our umbrellas in tow we strolled through the market watching the women (yes ONLY women) selling their local produce, everything from fish, veggies to the famous laquerware goods. There was a really good buzz there but me and mum were desperate for a coffee. Green tea just doesn’t start the day off like a caffeine induced coffee.

So we walked all over Wajima and just as we were surrendering to a vending machine canned coffee we stumbled upon a really trendy cafĂ© right next to the port. CALLED?! I can't remember, that's what. (Another sidenote, Japanese don’t really do coffee shops unless you’re in the big cities so take a supply if you’re a coffee addict.)

As we drank our cappuccinos in super trendy mugs & dried off mum was asking me whether I thought they’d have biscuits. I was like “Mum, this isn’t England, we’re in a very rare coffee shop in the remotest part of mainland Japan (although it honestly doesn’t feel that remote) Why on earth do you think they’d serve cakes and biscuits, be lucky we found coffee, ?! but she gave me that look so I said “Sumimasen, keki ga arimasu ka?” (do you have any cake, didn’t know the word of biscuit) and I swear to god she bought out the hugest cake. It was like Christmas had come early!!

After 2 huge cappuccino’s and a massive slab of cake we were full, wired and ready to go. Since it was still peeing it down, we decided to go to the local onsen just outside of Wajima called Buta No Something. Yoko from Flatts by the sea had recommended to us. She was right, it really made our skin feel like silk and it was blissful sat in the rotemburo (outside hot tub) which overlooked a cute little carp pond. I was mesmerised by the carp. I think I’d like to have them one day. Really calming to watch and be around.

If only we had onsens in England to chill out on a rainy day!

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