Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kanazawa to Shirakawago via the Super Rindo Forest Road.

So despite having allocated a few days “rest” in our manic travelling schedule mum was keen on doing something so I got the map out and saw it wasn’t too far from Kanazawa to Shirakawa-go (a UNESCO heritage site so knew there had to be a reason) and we could take the Super Rindo Forest Road (which I heard was beautiful) on the way there. So split second decision and within the hour we were in the lilac autombile (which we had now christened FUK-U-MI having crossed a bridge in Noto with the name) clutching our coffee and pastry breakfasts.

Wonderful waterfall on the Super Rindo Forest road, check out it's name ; )

From Kanazawa it only took about a half hour heading south on the 157 Route towards Mount Hakusan until we were amongst the beautiful mountains. By the time we reached the toll gate for the Super Rindo Forest Road mum we’d already had a few hair raising “oh god we’re going to fall off the edge” moments in the car. The toll cost ¥2500 (summer special) as far as I remember but it was so worth it. The drive is absolutely breathtaking, totally unspoilt and we loved every minute. There were some beautiful waterfalls, cliff faces and stunning views from the top. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

PS Drivers beware. At one point on the road, these spacious comfy double lanes change into a single so when you meet another car coming the other way you’re only option is reversing which can rattle anyone’s nerves with a sheer 1,450 metre drop to the side of you!

The Super Rindo Forest Road is a “MUST DO” on anyone’s trip to Kanazawa and can easily done as a daytrip so don't hesitate. If you’re visiting in Autumn this would be the top of my list.

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