Monday, June 8, 2009

New Apres Bar in Kanazawa has opened

Being a newbie in Kanazawa, I can’t really rave on about the great nights I had at the last Apres but boy have I heard about them! Apres this, après that...

So I was intrigued to check it out this gaijin friendly bar/restaurant when I heard it re-opened last week. So before the Noh performance we popped in for some nosh and a chu-hi.
The bar itself is pretty uninspiring, sticky floors, a few long tables/chairs, definately a Sat night gig and not a daytime hangout. I chose a curry from the all Thai menu. I was hoping for some proper spice since it doesn’t seem to exist in Japanese food. It didn’t disappoint. Our mouths were on fire. A litre of water later we took a little explore around the new Apres. So it’s firstly pretty small, so not much of an explore, but there is this cool little private room with a huge glass window which Kari decided to dance provocatively against, oh jeez, a sign of times to come?

To find Apres, go to the scramble in Katamatchi, as you're standing outside Mr Donuts, cross the road to directly the other side and walk down that street for about 2 mins, on the right, on the corner you'll see the Apres sign. Apres is on the 8th floor. Google map here

Yes and "club blow" is what you think it is.....I think its a few floors down from Apres.

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  1. hey jessica, are you still living in kanazawa. I am from india currently working in germany. Got a job offer from kanazawa university and planning to go there in april 2011.

    Do u know my international group in kanazawa?