Saturday, June 13, 2009

ALT Lesson Plans with Eigo Note: Lesson 1 6th grade (elementary)

Eigo note has set out 8 lessons for teaching uppercase and lowercase alphabet, bit of overkill if you ask me!

Anyway, here are my 6th grade lesson plans for "Eigo Note Lesson 1"& "Eigo Note Lesson 2". I didn't really use a lot of EIGO Note as you will see although I did play karuta (slam hand on card game) which they loved. The counting activity on p10/11 I am leaving until later (I was unfortunately made to skip it due to a months show lesson that the school wanted to do)

Grade 6, Lesson Eigo Note 6.1 (I used the first lesson for a welcome & greetings lesson)

Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note 6.2- alphabet uppercase
Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note 6.3- alphabet lowercase
Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note 6.4- alphabet upper & lowercase recognition
Grade 6 Lesson Eigo Note - 6.5- alphabet writing practice

Anyway, any questions let me know!

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