Saturday, May 2, 2009

Japanese Confectionary Shop

Yesterday I popped into my local superstore (Nagasakiya) to buy something for Dad's birthday and was drawn straight to the confectionary shop. It reminds me of a French bakery in that they take great pride in individually wrapping and boxing up the sweets that it makes a great present for someone.
Wagashi (和菓子) and Mochigashi are two traditional Japanese sweets made of Mochi. They usually have a gooey and soft, marshmallow type texture on the outside (this is the mochi, basically rice pounded into a paste and moulded into shape) with a filling which you usually expect to be sweet but is savoury (this is the azuki bean paste)

At the moment, I'm finding it very hard to tell exactly what types of wagashi they have in the confectionary shops (theres around 30 different types and I can't read most of the Kanji!) so it all boils down to a bit of random selection. Hope you enjoy them Dad!

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