Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super cool Kanazawa station!

This is for people who have never been to Kanazawa but are wondering if its worth visiting. In short, yes yes yes! I feel so lucky that I'm living here. I'm sure there are some other fantastic cities in Japan but theres something really special about Kanazawa. It mixes all that is modern, massive department stores crammed with eye boggling trendy clothes stops, yes starbucks and tons of karaoke bars with the traditional (and in tact) geisha districts, temples and an old samurai area that I’ve yet to visit.
It's also cool. If arriving by train you walk through the really impressive station (金沢駅) glass interior. Damn, if only I had my SLR!!

Make sure you walk a bit further out of the station to see the huge tsuzumi gate (Tsuzimi means japanese dram so I'm guessing the design was based on the drum chords) then my favourite super cool water fountain clock. I felt like a big kid when I saw it. It's basically a water digital clock that displays the time using controlled fountains of water. The picture below just doesn't do it justice!

Check it out!

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