Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kanazawa Karaoke!

I've been for 3 weeks now so it was about time I experienced the karaoke phenomenom! Last night I went out with Sarah (works at GEOS, met her through Kari) and some of her Japanese students in Katamatchi, the pub/restaurant district of Kanazawa. We kicked off the night at an izikaya, was really gorgeous food so clocked where it was and will definately go back. After eating 3000 yens worth of food (about £25) we went up to meet her mate Paul and another guy whose name I've forgotten now, oops, I'm so crap.

The bar was run by a beautiful filipino lady who was fun with a capital F. We sang karaoke with her and another guy Tony (the guy in above pic) who was working behind the bar until 4am. OK so to me thats bloody late & my bedtime radar was sounding but they then took me kind of dragged kicking & screaming....tempting me with a free Sturgis, another bar in Katamatchi. Wow, what can I say about this place. Firstly, its tiny like all the bars seem to be in Kanazawa but it's just sooo damned cool! Dark, retro and crammed with bric a brac, guitars on the walls, posters, postcards, a video camera with screen and just random stuff everywhere. Run by a local guy who looks like a proper Japanese hells angel but is a sweetie.

Anyway people, video from Sturgis bar below (owner is playing the guitar) beware crazy music and crazy people!

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