Monday, March 23, 2009

Interac Training

I have to say I'm one of those people who researches everything to death until I've researched myself into an unnecessary panic. I should have told myself that if people are satisfied you'll rarely hear their ranting, if people aren't that's when they start turning to blogs, chat forums etc and just start moaning on and on.

Anyway so it was in these forumswhere I read some bad things about Interac. They're a bunch of mormons, shady employers, unpaid wages, law breakers, blah blah blah. Well just to set the record straight all has been going well so far, and for a bunch of Mormons, they're nice ones...hehe.

So we have just spent the past 3 days in Narita at the lovely Narita View Hotel training. I can't complain. The hotel was a lot nicer than I expected (maybe mormons get a discount) and I was lucky enough not to have a roomy.

I felt sorry for our trainers. We had all had such a rough time getting to Narita because of the plane crash the day before we were all blurry eyed and
totally disorientated.

We learnt the ins and outs of elementary & high schools on the first day, followed by demo lessons and activities and then company policies (how to fill out a paysheet, a work schedule, what to do if you're sick etc)

I learnt more in this 3 days than I'd learnt doing a TEFL so any folks thinking of doing a TEFL to boost their knowledge I wouldn't waste the money.

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