Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hanami: Cherry Blossom Viewing

So today I was invited by Sam to a Hanami. It sounded like some ominous ritual that I wasn't sure I wanted to dive straight into, that was until he explained that this was traditional event held across Japan to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, mainly cherry blossoms. In other words, a picnic under the blossoms. How wonderful!

Admitedly I had walked around Kanazawa a few days before and wondered what the huge blue plastic sheets pinned down to the grass were for. Well now I knew. These were reserved picnic sheets. Someone compared it to the Germans laying down their towels early in the morning to bag the best spot at the hotel pool..damn I used to hate it when that happened. At least in Kanazawa you're not confined to the small hotel poolside.
So boys will be boys and the picnic turned into a few cans of Chu-hi (an alcopop type drink, see post) on a sheet nowhere near the cherry blossoms but was nice anyway! The very next day I was invited to another Hanami by Cari along the Saigo river. It was such a beautifully hot day. Cool river, snow capped mountains as a backdrop. Not many things can beat that...

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