Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chu-hi, you what?

I meant to write this post a while back to explain what Chu hi actually is! In fact I think it's written chu-hi Romaji or チューハイ. Anyway, I was introduced to Chu hi at an Hamani (cherry blossom viewing picnic type event) in Kanazawa a few weeks back. It's basically a Japanese equivalent of an alcopop, like Bacardi Breezer or Wicked Blue that underage chavs love to drink back in blighty. I don't think it quite has that chav-status quo here though (give me more time to work that one out), they're really popular. The traditional chuhai is lemon flavored with a shōchū base (shochu=Japanese distilled drink), although some now have vodka instead of shochu. Flavours include lime, grapefruit, apple, orange pineapple, grape, ume (plum), yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and peach. My fave so far is grapefruit, woo hoo.

I found out quickly that if you're not a sake lover or beer drinker then there aren't that many other options (although give me a bottle of cab sav any day...!)
The above chu-hi (picture of innocent looking pastel green can) is Suntory's Horoyoi, a mild semi-sparkler with reduced alcohol content, thank the lord as the seven percenters ruin you. Personally I pick this one as it looks classier and more adult than the others, it must be the pastels!

Super chu-hi (see pic of brash & laddish silver can) is one of the 7% alcohol content varieties which I think I'll stay clear of until people know me a bit better, I might scare them off : )

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